After a luxury spaceship explodes right outside the atmosphere of a planet, a singular escape pod can be seen falling through orbit. Try to direct the sole survivor safely towards the planet surface below without getting ejected into space by space debris!

You'll beat the game when you reach a score of 50,000 (75k in the original version). You can keep playing past that point to earn more stars on your total score as well as try for a high score.

Click and drag the Space Ship left and right to avoid obstacles. While dragging the ship, slide downwards from the ship to do a thrusting attack that destroys debris.

For the best experience, try downloading the game executable for Windows. The web browser version loses track of the mouse if it goes too far from the white border on screen.

This game was made for Mini Jam 88. It was made in roughly 13 hours. You can view the source code here.


RushGame (Updated Version) 26 MB
RushGame (Original Version) 26 MB
RushGame.apk (Android Port) 31 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and run the "RushGame" executable. You may need to click "More info" and "Run anyway" to get past the windows security prompt.

Development log


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simple, minimalist and EXTREMELY FUN, maybe you should increase the ship's speed a little, but the game is really fun