Demo Update

This is an update to the Demo of Immortal Until. It addresses some issues both minor and major. It also polishes and adjusts some mechanics, presentation, and UI elements within the game.

  • This update introduces tile smoothing to the entire game, including the level editor. This has resulted in some tiles becoming redundant, and has caused some changes to the tile selection tool.
  • Players are no longer stuck holding objects if they pick up a powerup while carrying something in their hands.
  • The preview graphic and in-level sprite of enemies in the level editor no longer incorrectly displays.
  • The game should crash less often with certain video cards.
  • Immortal difficulty now reduces "action friction", or how much performing an action like swinging a sword or casting magic slows you down.
  • Push-able boxes now move faster when pushed.
  • Enemies are hurt less often by non-moving throwable objects.
  • The font used for menu elements and scorecards has been changed.
  • Cheat codes are no longer case sensitive.
  • Cheat code entry is now capped in length.
  • The boss and cutscene themes have been updated.
  • Typing in a menu button will now highlight that button to indicate that it is capturing keyboard strokes.
  • All actions now induce less friction. Most notably, you are not completely stopped when casting magic with the magic book.
  • Fixed visual issues with the gust bag powerup.
  • Quitting to the Title and Quitting the game now ask if you really want to quit.
  • Added new cheats to the game. Keep a close eye on my socials for some hints!
  • Adjusted some new features to NPCs-- specifically, it is used by a single easter egg NPC.
  • Using the mouse in the pause menu and title screen is more intuitive.
  • Added a reminder that players can disable tutorials anytime.
  • Added additional hidden item boxes to some levels which provide "Life-up" hearts for players on the Immortal difficulty. These provide additional lives (and in any other difficulty setting, you are rewarded with gold for finding these).
  • Fixed an issue pertaining to player progress when loading their save. Levels should properly be marked as complete when loading a save.
  • Adjusted some messages, visuals, and locations of easter egg NPCs.
  • Added more button prompts to some GUI elements.

Outside of this being a decently-sized QOL and fixes update, I'd like to take the time to let you all know that I am speaking with the composer of Immortal Until's soundtrack, and am working to have the game's OST posted early next year.



Immortal Until Demo 2 45 MB
Dec 30, 2021

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