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Game Summary

Immortal Until is an RPG Platforming game centered around randomly generated levels. The game was built from the ground up to be compatible with co-op and co-opetitive play. It plays somewhat similarly to Zelda 2 and Mario 3 as a result. In Immortal Until, you work with Kaze and Fibi to uncover the secrets of a cult dedicated to a false god and also save the Kingdom of Junios from utter destruction! You can consult the manual or website for more information.


Immortal Until features many levels with lots of enemies, platforms, and weapons to use! You can also create and share your own custom levels using the level editor!

This game makes use of mechanics such as Class Weapons which offer new moves and/or stat boosts to allow you to build your character your way. Stopping by towns will also allow you to buy, sell, or train at shops and gyms so you're extra prepared for the next level!

The world of Ordon is ever-changing! Unique levels are generated for each playthrough, which gives a variety of levels and obstacles to overcome each time to play. If you're not a fan of generated content, there are still handcrafted levels sprinkled throughout the game's overworld.

The built-in level editor allows you to create and share your own levels themed after the worlds you have unlocked. It even has controller support!

Free Demo

You can try out Immortal Until for free right now! The demo features most of the game's content leading up to the second world. There are a few different weapons and a lot of different enemy types to encounter as you explore the Kingdom of Junios. The level editor is also available for free in the demo! You can see a comparison between the content in the demo to the full game in the table below.

Free DemoFull Game
Access to only the first world in the game.Access to all four worlds.
Level Editor with limited themes.Complete Level Editor with all themes.
Access to 2P Duel Mode.All stages of the 2P Duel Mode unlocked.
Singleplayer & Multiplayer modesSingleplayer & Multiplayer modes

Save progress does carry over from the demo to the full game.


Immortal Until Official Soundtrack


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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