Immortal Until is Out Now!

Full Release! What's in it + some words from the creator.

Hey there. Immortal Until is out now. You can play the entire game- explore all four worlds, play with all five themes in the level editor, experience intense duels in the Immortal's Arena, and fill out your logbooks/bestiary with all sorts of interesting creatures and people.

This game has been a long time in the making, like, one-and-a-half-years? I built this project with the intention of creating an accessible local co-op "party" game featuring some ideas from Dungeons of Fayte, The Legend of Zelda II: Adventure of Link, and Super Mario Bros 3.  Obviously, this is not a clone of all those games, but something I came up with that was inspired by them. It's a bit of a weird mix, but I think it's fun in how simplistic yet varied it can be. The game is designed for multiple playthroughs (preferably with other people, but you can totally go alone), so it's actually quite short (it takes roughly 30-45 minutes to complete an entire world). Try out the game on different difficulties, build different characters, try new weapons and items, and play with different people co-op/versus.

I hope you all enjoy Immortal Until. Definitely let me know what you think, since the game is technically still open to updates, fixes, and maybe more content. Speaking of which...

Future Content & Updates

I'll be listening for any feedback on the game. If there's any issues you have, let me know and I'll look into fixing it for the next update. There's still a lot of stuff that I probably missed balancing/bug-wise, but I'm a single developer who's well-past worn out their playtesters. Future fixes will always be free- both the full game and demo will be updated.

Depending on how many downloads/purchases the game receives, I'll consider adding new content. There's a lot on the table, but there's no specific ETAs for any of them.

  • Diverging/Alternate Endings
  • Overhauled Boss Fights
  • Improved Cutscenes
  • New Difficulty Settings, Custom Difficulty Modifiers
  • Unlocked Level Themes (use any item, block, or creature in any theme)
  • Additional Easter Eggs
  • Improved Splitscreen, potentially allowing for more players?
  • Online Play (highly unlikely, though)

I want to be able to make Immortal Until better, but after spending so long on it, I don't want to spend any more time on it if nobody shows any interest. I'm not expecting much at all, and the exact number of views/downloads/purchases I'd like isn't a set number, so it would not be hard to meet the goals.

Development History Archives

There is a secondary download that includes tons of concept art, development footage, and early gameplay builds of Immortal Until. If you're interested in the history and development of Immortal Until, it's not a bad idea to look through and see what changed throughout the development process.

Bundle & Sale!

You can pick up Immortal Until and my other game that takes place within the same universe, Planet Hell, for just 3 USD-- the price of one copy of Immortal Until. Check it out here.


If you wanna share any thoughts about Immortal Until with me, feel free to message me on Twitter (@dalvanezdev) or send an email to I'm also on the Unique Indie RPGs Discord Server, so you can message me there or discuss all sorts of other RPG games with others.

Once again, there's a bundle of the game along with another available now. Check it out here.

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